TrendsPro 2012

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year! To celebrate the new year we’ve rebuilt BuiltWith TrendsPro to provide a faster, more relevant and better value system for 2012 and beyond.

The new TrendsPro subscription offering is a monthly fixed price option that lets you do research on your terms and not of your marketing/sales budget. You can create up to 120 different technology reports per year, get weekly updates on them, filter them as necessary and even integrate them with your Salesforce CRM.

We’ve got backups of data that go back to January 2011, so we can provide a historical report for any of the top sites back to this time. You can use this information to find leads that you might have missed out on or fill gaps in your technology research.

You can filter your result set by almost any combination of information you can think of. For example, do you want leads for customers using a particular hosting provider? Or websites that are only located in United States? Or maybe you only want to target websites which end in .com.

Checkout the new TrendsPro and sign up for a free account.


Gary is co-founder of BuiltWith and uses a profile picture from 2006.