RetailWith: Report Filters

The retailer lists available at RetailWith may contain thousands of results, making the task of deciding how to tackle the stores from a lead perspective hard. To help solve this issue we provide additional report filters on reports.

The report filters let you narrow down a retail lead list to a smaller list. The filters include –

Site Filter
The ability to filter a list by the appearance of the domain in a site list, such as the Alexa Top Million, Quantcast Top Million, Google Top 10k and more. Useful if you only want to target large sites with high sales.

Category Filter
Many of our stores are tagged with specific categories such as Clothes, Baby, Home, Health etc… and some stores have multiple category tags. This filter lets you return only those stores that match a specific tag.

Region Filter
The region filter lets you separate out retailers and online stores in specific countries. For example, you could narrow the list down to only European stores or maybe only stores in the United Kingdom.

Investment Filter
The investment filter is our own unique way of detecting if the site is using other paid for technologies. Using BuiltWith’s comprehensive technology coverage we can determine if a site has paid for other third party technologies. This filter can help find online retailers paying for technologies.

Hoster Filter
This filter lets you find online stores that are being hosted by particular companies such as GoDaddy, ServInt, Rackspace and many more.

Company Filter
If you want to target stores backed by companies this filter may be useful to you. It only returns the results that have a matching record in the Salesforce database, meaning the site is more likely to be a registered company rather than a single owner site. You can also do a reverse filter here, and search for stores not in the Salesforce database.

If our filters are not enough, our reports are exportable as CSV files, allowing you to download and import them into a spreadsheet system such as Excel or into your CRM and do your own filtering on the results.


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