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When BuiltWith.com launched two years ago, many of the requests for how the website could be improved was to include more information about the statistics about the technologies that the profiler found. Well after a couple of months of publically testing the system, BuiltWith Trends finally launches.

The technology trends is a natural progression for BuiltWith, having looked up millions of domains (3 million and counting) and gathering a huge list of web technologies, the trends app provides a unique insight into the most popular technologies in use on the web.

The “what’s hot” page provides insight into some of the most popular technologies from recent crawls and since crawls began last December. The crawl updates every 10 days or so. The insight that the web app provides helps to show where the trends for certain technologies are going as well as allowing people to discover new up coming technologies which they could consider using themselves.

Here’s a few good landing pages -

As trends in technology develop expect to see commentary right here on the blog.


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