Web Trend Highlights for April/May

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Facebook Social Functions Hits the Web Running

Open Graph Protocol, Facebook Like, Facebook for Websites and the use of the Facebook SDK have all jumped considerably in the last few weeks since launching.

The new Facebook Like button, which allows a user to Like a webpage and show this on their Facebook wall dominates the new social sharing Buzz functionality recently made available by Google.

Google Buzz Share vs Facebook Like Since 15th April 2010

JQuery is Unstoppable

After a top million site update at the start of April, JQuery usage saw a slight dip but has since continued its upward trend to break the 30% of the top 10,000 barrier. Will we ever see the day that JQuery levels out or will its growth continue forever? Microsoft’s recent release of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 use JQuery by default, so it appears JQuery will continue to grow in usage for some time to come, with no real competitors making any ground against it.

JQuery Growth for 2010

From Russia with nginx

Developed by a single person, Igor Sysoev, nginx is a popular web server. The success behind nginx is its lightweight and scalable design, making it very efficient for servers that run under heavy load. Pingdom has a great article about nginx. See nginx statistics.

nginx growth since 2008

Internet Explorer Compatibility Arc

It appears at first glance that the amount of sites having to use Internet Explorer 7 emulation, to allow Internet Explorer 8 and above browsers render sites correctly is starting to drop, however recent entries show it is still on the increase, lets hope that Microsoft finally give us a browser that we don’t have to use all these custom tags to provide a good end user experience. X-UA-Compatible Statistics.

X-UA-Compatible Compatible Usage

Predictions for June/July

Continued growth for JQuery, nginx and a potential increased momentum for Facebook social features, with a potential drop in all other widget usages as website owners decide how many social plugins they should have on their website.


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