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We’re not entirely sold on this one yet but it is cheaper than all the competitors and it does the job. The process of creating a email from an advanced template
wasn’t as easy as it could have been. If you want to send email newsletters give Newsberry a try though, once over that mole hill it was plain sailing.


Used for delivering emails from web applications. This is from the same company as Newsberry.
It is really handy if you don’t trust your mail server and want some feedback on email delivery and
spam reports. They also claim to do ISP throttling to help prevent emails being sent to spam,
and once again, the pricing is competitive.


A great place to store pictures and a great community. I pay for a pro account on here so I can
have access to all my pictures and store as many as I want!


I couldn’t mention top web applications without mentioning the one I’m using to write this blog post.
WordPress is an awesome bit of software!

Website Optimizer

No list is complete without one of our own products! The BuiltWith Website Optimizer gives daily updates
on our website optimization process, we also use it for little side projects to make sure we’re doing them right, like retailwith.com.


BuiltWith® is a website profiler tool that tells you what a website is Built With.

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