The Top Three Internet Web Technologies

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Ignoring all the web standards (meta descriptions etc..), here's the top 3 web technologies that are dominating the web  -

Number 3
JQuery has had an amazing two years, going from just over 4% of the top sites to an amazing 40%. JQuery is a javascript library that makes writing JavaScript much easier. You don't have to worry about cross-platform issues and there's lots and lots of libraries that extend the platform, making this the number one choice for web developers. - JQuery Trends

Number 2
Apache Web Server has been around for as long as I can remember using the web. Used by just under half of the top 10k sites on the internet Apache has matured to be a stable feature rich web server that is free (open source). It's market dominance is now under attack with other web servers such as NGINX taking over. -Apache Trends

Number 1
Google Analytics is sitting almost at the 60% mark for the top 10k sites on the internet. This free analytics package is a must-have for anyone wanted to track their visitors. It doesn't really have any competition because its very difficult to offer a free product as good as this one. - Google Analytics Trends


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