What is BuiltWith Built With?

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This funny looking URL will tell you most of the details - http://builtwith.com/builtwith.com but some of the finer details are missing, such as the back end development environment and the tools that are used. We are big fans of the humans.txt idea so we've implemented that today on BuiltWith.com at http://builtwith.com/humans.txt and of course we're tracking humans.txt usage on Trends.

The Dev Environment

Having spent the best part of my career building Microsoft C# based applications, the majority of BuiltWith backend is C#, it makes sense for us to use this language over the latest and greatest open source alternative simply because of the understanding of the C# language and the ability to get new production quality features available to you! Having made Scott Hanselman's 2011 Ultimate Developer and Power Tools list (thanks Scott) here's our own mini list of what BuiltWith uses -

Windows 7 - Used for development
Windows Server 2008 R2 - Used for deployment

Developer Tools

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 - The majority of application development time is spent using this tool.
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio - Used for managing the SQL Server databases.
SciTE - Super fast bare-bones text editor with language colour support.
Paint Shop Pro 6 - Very old but quick and easy tool for cropping and resizing images
Google Chrome - Main development browser using the built-in developer tools
FileZilla - For deployment

Debugging and Performance Tools
jetBrains DotTrace - Line by line C# call performance monitor, very very useful.
MvcMiniProfiler - We use this on new projects, it's an in-line DotTrace where you define the calls to monitor.
Protocol Buffers C# Port - A fast way of moving data around.
Microsoft SQL Server Profiler - Profiling tool to determine what's going on with our SQL statements.
Microsoft Database Tuning Advisor - Takes the hard work out of performance tuning our database instances.
Google Chrome - Again the built-in tools are awesome for performance monitoring and auditing page speed
Yahoo YUI Compressor - Makes all our JavaScript and CSS files nice and tiny.

jQuery - Who's not using this? We use a variety of plugins like FancyBox, Validate, AutoComplete, Tipsy, UI and Tmpl to name a few.
Cufon - Nice anti-aliased fonts on all browsers
Head JS - Parallel JavaScript
Modernizr - Makes everything new again

BuiltWith's dedicated servers all run on 100% carbon dioxide free hydro energy sources. Our setup is currently two dedicated web servers and a single dedicated database server all with plenty of RAM.
The development PC is a reasonable new home-built workstation with 6 gigs of ram, two 27" monitors and a MacBook Pro 15" dual boot with Windows 7 when not at the workstation.
Would love to hear from you if there's a tool that you think I should be using.

BuiltWith® is a website profiler tool that tells you what a website is Built With.

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