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We often get questions on Trends about how many sites we cover. We want to cover all of them (the entire web) and we try to do that. It's possible for us to cover every .com, .net, .org and .info website because the list of these sites are published, however for the rest of the web we have to do our own searching for these sites. We currently cover 147 million domains, 92.8 million of which are .com, the most popular TLD on the internet, 13.7 million are .net, 8.8 million are .org's, 7.7 million are .info's. Then there's the rest of the web which make up the additional 25 million domains we track.

Domain Coverage

Our domain coverage is continually increasing (it went from 10k to 147 million in 2 years) to bring you the best trends and technology usage coverage available on the web today.

If you want a list of all of the totals for the TLD's we cover don't hesitate to contact us.


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