ccTLD Coverage Improvements

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We've made some improvements to our data coverage for websites outside of the .com/.net/.org range (where we cover them all). We've now covering a much large slice of the internet with additional domains in ccTLD's such as de, uk, au and ru.

A bigger slice of the internet please. Attribution: Benimoto

Our German coverage has increased by 1.6 million .de domains to 5.5 million resolved domains. Our United Kingdom coverage has increased by 1.1 million .uk domains to 4.6 million and our Australian coverage has increase by 1 million websites to 1.3 million. Russian coverage has also improved by 2 million websites. Our coverage now stands at 150,331,015 resolvable websites and we look forward to incorporating this additional data into our systems in the next few weeks as well as providing some additional information about how the Internet is built.

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