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APIv2 Sneak Peak We can't believe how fast the year is going already! We wanted to tell you about some new functionality coming to BuiltWith this month, the BuiltWith API will soon be providing new functionality and deeper knowledge on website technology usage.

The current API (APIv1) lets you perform lookups on websites in much the same manner as you see using the technology lookup tool at http://builtwith.com. The new API (APIv2) provides much more in-depth knowledge about websites. Some of the new features are listed below -

  • Single call for multiple page lookups - You will be able to return complete site technology usage from a single call. For example, looking up barackobama.com will return the technology used on the homepage, links off of the homepage and sub-domains like shop.barackobama.com all in one simple call. This means you can get the ultimate picture on what technology an entire site is using.

  • Historical technology usage data - API calls will now tell you what technologies websites used to use. For example, see if a site used to use a particular analytics tool in the past and what they have switched from. You can also find out when they switched to a different technology provider.

  • More Technology data - New APIv2 calls will not only return website technology usage but also all of the surrounding technology data that powers a website, such as the hosting provider, the mail exchange provider and what SSL certificate the business uses.

We'll also be providing some awesome visualization tools to make working with the API easier for non-techies, such as the one shown on this page, the example shown here shows an APIv2 analysis of smh.com.au, an Australian newspaper, it's clear to see from this visualization that they value their analytics tools greatly and have switched providers in the past, it also shows they made the jump from Apache to nginx and that they've stuck with DoubleClick for as long as we've tracked them for.

We expect many more useful and interesting data insights to come out of APIv2 and are looking forward to making it available for consumption in the near future.

BuiltWith® is a website profiler tool that tells you what a website is Built With.

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