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Check out the newly redesigned! It's quite amazing how fast a website looks "old" as new technologies and new design practices become in vogue. We've not just given the site a new skin, we've rebuilt out internal systems to expose the billions of useful data points we have built over 5 years.

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New Technology Lookups

Our new technology lookups provide -

  • Free historical information you can now see technologies a website was using in the past (back to January 2011) absolutely free! You need a free account at BuiltWith to see the data but that's it. Detailed Reports, showing actual start and end dates are available on Basic, Pro and Enterprise Plans.

  • Full technology coverage includes hosting information and JavaScript invoked technologies (ad technologies and beacons) that you won't find just looking at a web page's source code.

  • Detailed Reports - Pro uses can generate reports on entire sites and see when a site, started using a technology and stopped using a technology across the site homepage, subdomains and internal pages all in a single lookup.

  • WidgetsAll of the new features are available in the Chrome, Firefox and Safari widgets!

New BuiltWith Trends

We've overhauled BuiltWith Trends with the following changes -

  • Created interactive line charts for you to slice and dice to get the view you want

  • Provided an additional year (2 years) of free technology usage history (4 years for Pro users)

  • Sub-technology categories, Analytics can now be split into groups such as A/B TestingMarketing Automation etc..

  • Category distribution now spread over time; see how distribution has changed over 4 years.

  • We've got rid of the pie charts, they never showed a fair comparison, we now show actual usage of all technologies over time on the category landing pages.

New BuiltWith API

Our new systems infrastructure provides us with the ability to expose new data-rich end points for website technology research data.

BuiltWith APIv2 provides detailed lookups on sites that give you complete technology usage across entire web properties. For example, a lookup for will return usage of all technologies on the homepage of the site since 2011, the usage of all technologies on all subdomains (, etc..) of the site and the usage of all technologies on internal pages we've searched.

We provide XML and JSON endpoints as well as batch querying options.

New BuiltWith Pro

BuiltWith TrendsPro is now just an extension of BuiltWith itself, bringing everyone "under one roof". The old version of TrendsPro was only scratching the surface of data that is available in the BuiltWith archives. We have over a billion technology data points stored in our vault for you to query.

  • Workflow driven report generation - create a report on a technology such as Magento, drill down into the customers in California, or find the Magento customers who started using Omniture SiteCatalyst in the last month, then find the Omniture SiteCatalyst Magento customers that are based in France - the querying functionality is unlimited for Basic, Pro and Enterprise users is unlimited on a base technology basis (see FAQ).

  • Meta Data Refresh - the important thing with attaching emails, telephones and addresses to website records for us is to make sure it is correct; we've rebuilt our meta process to provide the most accurate records possible, only providing additional data with our records where we have a very high degree of accuracy

  • State Level Filtering - find the websites in California, New York, Ontario Canada, New South Wales Australia or Warwickshire England.

  • Deeper Trends Data - Pro users on any plan level get 4 years+ technology history data and longer result lists on all pages of the Trends system.

Checkout all of the features of the New BuiltWith Pro.

 SSL Site Wide

For the PRISM paranoid, you can now view all BuiltWith sites as https, try it at

BuiltWith® is a website profiler tool that tells you what a website is Built With.

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