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We now have data for over 70 different SSL providers in our database. This means you can see what SSL providers websites are using, as well as what type of SSL certificate a website is using.

July 2013 Root Authority Distribution July 2013 Root Authority Distribution

The SSL market has become less fragmented over the years, thanks to a few of the big players buying out many of the smaller providers, Comodo and VeriSign are the two SSL heavyweights in the industry whilst businesses like GoDaddy has become an alternative for cheaper SSL certificates, providing Extended Validation certification (this is where the name of the business appears in the browser green bar) for $99, less than half the price of the nearest competitor as of July 2013.

Starting from July 2013 we are tracking all of the SSL providers and provide weekly trends for the market share of the largest  providers in the market, as well as breakdowns showing, Usage of EV SSL certificates, Root Authorities, Usage of Multi-Domain certificates, Usage of SGC SSL, Usage of Wildcard SSL and standard domain based SSL certificates.

How you can use this information inside BuiltWith Pro

One of the advantages of knowing the SSL certificate type for a business is you can
determine the budget that site has allocated to their secure content. If a website has no SSL certificate, they either don't provide on-site secure functions such as e-commerce checkout or use a third party provider for this.

If a website is using an EV certificate, they have spent $100's of dollars on providing a premium secure experience for their users. Pro users can determine which businesses have spent more money on their deployments by filtering their lists by websites using specific or multiple SSL certificates. Contact us if you'd like more information on this.

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