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We've recently started to deepen our technology coverage of websites by providing versioning information for technologies where we can track them, in free lookups, Trends and Pro reports.

nginx sub-versions nginx sub-version report on free lookups

We'll also be backdating all of our technology coverage in Pro to the start of 2011 for this, so you can see what versions of software websites used at any particular point in time.

This also gives us the ability to offer insights such as -

  • What hosting providers used older versions of software

  • What companies are on the bleeding edge of software releases

  • How popular and how fast websites move from version to version

Sub version reports in trends. Sub-version reports in trends.

Version Specific Reports will now appear on the parent technology (jQuery, Apache, nginx for example) we'll update these numbers to reflect internet wide statistics in the coming weeks and also provide an interface to see how technology versioning changes over time.


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