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You can now prioritize reports you create on BuiltWith Pro. This allows you to easily create a list of well defined leads relevant to your organization. For example you can now tell BuiltWith Pro to -

  • Show you a list of sites spending between $100 and $1000 on web technologies

  • Show you a list of sites that are not using any form of A/B Testing

  • Show you all of the sites in California that started using Amazon as their web hosting provider in the past 3 months

  • Show you all of the sites that have not implemented call tracking but do have an eCommerce product installed

  • Show you all sites in your list that aren't or are mobile optimized (demo)

Prioritize Leads The prioritized report filtering configuration options are endless and can be catered to your specific requirements for lead generation. Watch a demo of Prioritized Leads in action. This additional tool doesn't use any of your quotas and is live on BuiltWith Pro now.


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