Entire Internet Update Insights - Jan to June 2014

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These insights are based off of 252 million domains indexed in January 2014 and 287 million domains indexed in June 2014. This data provides some insights into how the Internet has changed in a relatively short period of time (six months).

HTML5 DocType

The HTML5 DocType saw an increase of 6,892,302 million domains, HTML5 has one of the steepest increase curves in the top million trends as well. John Resig, the creator of JQuery (which increased by 3.7 million domains) talks about the advantages of the HTML5 DocType back in 2008. One major reason? Compatibility. Using the HTML5 DocType makes websites easier to build across multiple browsers.

Meta Viewport

The viewport meta tag lets you control how a web page is represented on browsers with different screen resolutions and scales. This meta tag is a part of the web design approach known as Responsive Web Design and provides the necessary workings for a website to have an optimal viewing experience across devices. As smart phone usage increases, the requirement for responsive websites becomes more important, and this increase in domains using it reflects that.

Bootstrap Increase

Twitter Bootstrap is an extremely popular framework for resetting CSS styles and providing a base functionality for building a website. Tables, buttons, grids are all represented within the framework. We use it for BuiltWith.com and so do 3.6 million other websites on the Internet.

Meta Keywords Losers

Google Ignores the keywords meta tag. Keywords aren't listed on the Webmaster tools meta data page. If Google aren't using them, why use them at all? Back in the 90ies the keywords tag was one of the most popular meta tags on the Internet (source). However even though it dropped almost 4 million domains in the last 6 months, 47 million domains are still using it, based on those numbers we might still see some websites still using this tag in 2020.

Premium Winners

What are the most prolific premium tools on the Internet? Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely, Squarespace, MailChimp and WooCommerce increased their usage on over half a million websites combined in the past 6 months.

Technology Consolidation

One of the most interesting stats to come out of the six month update is that 60% of premium technology providers (ones that charge a fee for their software) have lost market share since January losing a combined 817,000 domains, whilst the top 40% have increased their market share, adding a combined 1,200,000 domains. This could be an interesting trend and we'll follow it closely over the next 6 months.


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