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We recently started tracking some of the cloud computing providers down to specific regions. We'll have trends information for them shortly, in the meantime we had a look to see what the most popular regions were for top traffic'd sites on the Internet. Over 10% of the top 10,000 sites on the Internet host with Amazon EC2. So lets have a look at the breakdown -

Amazon EC2 Most Popular Regions for Top sites - Full Size Version Amazon EC2 Most Popular Regions for Top sites - Full Size Version

Key Findings

  • Virginia is the most popular EC2 region for Top Sites, almost 75% of the top 10k sites using EC2 are in this region. Reasons for this may include it being the "default" region when you create an EC2 account, the first region EC2 was available in, generally has the most availability, first region for new features and along with Oregon one of the cheapest.

  • None of the top sites are in China EC Region yet.

  • The distributions are generally what we were expecting for the USA, Virginia/Oregon being the cheapest and most popular. California being the next most popular for West Coast US performance reasons by slightly most expensive.

  • Ireland is the most popular non-US region, serving European based customers.

  • 9 of the top sites are in the Amazon GovCloud Region, however not all of them are government related or owned!


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