One Year of eCommerce Data Analysis

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We've just completed one full year of eCommerce Sales Trends data -

200,000 web stores eCommerce Data Sales data from hundreds of thousands of web stores

Some interesting things to note about global online shopping trends -

  • Online shopping ramps up in Late October
    Most online purchases happen in October/November/December with a very sharp drop off in January - this time of the year it is customary in many cultures to exchange gifts - November sees a sharp raise thank to "Black Friday/Cyber Monday" sales

  • January Bounce Back
    Many retail stores have "January Sales" - discounting may times which shows the bounce back to increased sales in Mid-January to February

  • April-September Quite Period
    Online retail sales don't really increase of decrease much in this period.

  • UK and Australia have similar shopping patterns
    between June and August 2014 both UK/AU based stores had the same peaks - this is interesting from a seasonal perspective as they are not aligned (UK Summer = Australian Winter).

We're going to monitor how much shopping trends differ from year to year going forward as well as provide new data on the increase or decrease in retail sales based on historical trends, available at soon!

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