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Our new Keyword Report feature lets you generate lists of websites around the usage of any keyword. For example you can now generate a report for sites using Magento with the keyword "cosmetics" on the homepage, returning only websites that are related to the cosmetic industry and using that particular shopping cart system.

You can choose any keyword found on the homepage of over 306 million domains across the entire internet, get the full report and break it down by technology usage, category usage, spend, location and more.

The Power of Keyword Reports

Here's some examples of the reports you could generate using this new feature -

  • Jewelry websites that spend more than $500 a month on web technologies,

  • Dentists that are using a blog,

  • Websites with the keyword Flower that are not doing conversion optimization,

  • Fundraising websites that are not using PayPal,

  • Kitchenware websites with an address in the United States.

There report variations are unlimited and can all be created using BuiltWith Pro with keywords of your choosing!

BuiltWith® is a website profiler tool that tells you what a website is Built With.

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