Entire Internet Mobile Usage January-July 2015

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Mobile usage is seeing one of the most dramatic increases and is definitely one of the biggest drivers of change on the Internet this year and previous.

Non-scaleable content, meaning the site does not let the user zoom has been built to already fit into viewport of an iPhone, Android or other device. This technology increased to 6.3 million websites up from 4.8 million in January. The Viewport meta tag, also associated with responsive site design increased a whopping 30% in the last 6 months to 32 million websites.


Future for Mobile Web Technology Trends

10% of the Entire Internet now has a viewport meta tag on it, this is an incredible growth that will not slow down as the format for mobile websites has truely been locked down. Google has demanded websites provide a mobile compatible interface or face losing search rankings. This will encourage non-mobile compatible websites to become so and older designed mobile sites which typically redirects based on the type of device visiting will eventually become responsive which is the de facto method of implementation (and accounts for the growth of non-scaleable content and viewport meta tags).


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