Entire Internet Document Standards Usage January-July 2015

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Of the 328 million domains we indexed recently there was significant changes in document standards being used.

The large growth was for Windows 8 IE Pinning, a feature that lets you pin a website to the start bar of a browser. Having a website pinned to a users desktop is a huge advantage for that website as it is more likely to draw additional traffic to it.

New HTML5 elements are also started to be used, the element provides a responsive method to control which image resources a website displays based on the type of browser accessing it has seen a large growth, however total numbers are still relatively low as IE and Safari (and more importantly iOS Safari) still do not support the element.
Document Standards Growth 2015JSON-LD support has increased significantly, thanks to Google supporting the format that helps search results present data from websites in a clearer format. The benefit to the website owner is better structured results from Google Searches which is hugely important.

HSTS has also increased quite significantly, this is an important web security policy mechanism that forces sites to communicate securely. The ongoing revelations of government spying may be a contributing factor to the increase in secure transactions online.


PubSubHubbub dropped 26% since January and the blink element dropped 8% but we're still seeing it out there!


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