Entire Internet JavaScript Usage January-July 2015

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JavaScript is a core element of modern websites. Of the 328 million domains we indexed the usual suspects top the most growth in terms of numbers. jQuery added an additional 2 million domains to their usage, increasing their market share by 4%.

The biggest market share increases though was for a more modern framework called socket.io - it provides real time bidirectional event based communication. Websites using this technology may be packaging it with others, such as advertising technologies or analytics technologies that require fast event driven responses but it's quickly become the de facto library for real time messaging.

The Facebook Graph is still growing at an extraordinary rate which cements Facebook's position and has most likely prevented them from becoming a MySpace as it becomes so much more intertwined with the active web in general. 6.7 million websites make a call to Facebook Connect.

JavaScript Growth June2015Parsley JS has been one of the most successful premium companies in terms of growth, doubling their market share and adding 18k domains to its user list. Another HTML5 library called GSAP from GreenSock has also seen very good growth in the past 6 months.


One of the biggest losers in terms of number drops is SWFObject - which has never worked on iPhone devices. It lost 221,822 sites since January but it's still on over 2 million websites in total.

Google Friend Connect dropped 74% since January down to 39k sites from 154k which is a good thing as this product died in 2011.

One of the more interesting stats is that use of the Yahoo User Interface library, which was announced as no longer supported has increased usage by 16% since January, on to well over 1 million websites!


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