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One of the biggest strengths of BuiltWith is the sheer number of sites that are profiled. We currently index more than 325,000,000+ active domains, with more than one website found on many of those domains. But there is a downside to our far-reaching domain index. When you want to create a list of sites that use a common technology like Wordpress, the list we come back with is way too big to be useful.

In fact if you're looking for sites that use WordPress, we know of more than 16 million we could tell you about. When you're looking for targeted leads, that won't be a very useful list at all. So what can you do to narrow down the list of sites? In this post, I'll describe a couple of different ways BuiltWtih can help you generate a more focused list that you're really interested in.

Filter By WordPress Activity
With WordPress being such a popular CMS, we find that lots of people want to generate reports based on WordPress usage. So, as one way of splitting up the huge list of WordPress sites, we've implemented a filter based on the frequency of site updates.

Of the WordPress sites in the Quantcast Top 1 Million, around half are updated less than once per month. Depending on the lead list you're looking to generate, you might be less interested in these sites than those that are regularly updated. So let's imagine that you're looking to find a list of sites that use WordPress and are updated every day. Simply head over to your dashboard and create a new report, then search for "WordPress Daily" in the Base Technologies and select "Wordpress Daily Activity" from the list, as shown below. There's also a video showing you how to create this type of report in our knowledge base.


You could follow similar steps if looking for WordPress sites updated Weekly or Monthly, by selecting the appropriate base technology from the list. Note that these categories are mutually exclusive, so a site appearing in the "Daily Activity" list will not also be counted in the "Weekly Activity" and "Monthly Activity" lists.

Filter By Keyword
One of the most powerful ways to filter a lead list is by looking only for sites that feature a particular keyword. With BuiltWith, you could quickly generate a list of WordPress sites that are updated monthly that feature a particular keyword on either their homepage or in their domain name.

Let's, for example, look for WordPress sites updated monthly that feature the keyword "Aromatherapy". First, you'll need to create a report based on the keyword by following the steps in this post.

From inside the generated report, you can then click "Prioritize Report" by clicking on the button shown in the image below.


Next, you'll need to click on "Competitors/Techs" and add "WordPress Monthly Activity" to filter the list by this group. The image below shows how to set the filter up, or you can follow the steps in this video to get an idea of what to do.


BuiltWith will then generate a list of sites matching the criteria. In this case, we're presented with a report showing 338 sites featuring the keyword "aromatherapy" that use WordPress and are updated on a monthly basis. If those sites represent potential new clients, that list is much more helpful than knowing about the original 16 million+ sites that use WordPress.


Filter By Other Technology
Another option for narrowing down the list of WordPress sites would be to first create a report based on a different technology of interest. Let's imagine you're looking for sites that use Magento and also WordPress that's updated on a daily basis.

As shown in the example in our knowledge base video, you can quickly generate a list of active WordPress sites that also use another technology (Magento for example) by creating the other technology report first and then filtering to show only sites with Daily Active WordPress in use.


Filter By Country
When you're dealing with a potentially huge lead list (like the WordPress site list), a useful way of filtering out some of the less valuable leads might be to look only for sites based in a particular location. Perhaps your own country, or region, or city. When putting together a report, you can choose to filter the results by physical location. You can find a more detailed look at how to do that in this post.

In the image below you can see a report I've generated which shows sites that use WordPress and are based in the UK. I still have and unwieldy 144,508 leads, but this type of filter might be a good first step in effectively prioritizing the lead list.


What Next?
In this post I've gone through just a few of the ways you could filter down the massive number of sites indexed by BuiltWith into a list that's immediately useful. The examples here are by no means exhaustive though. If you'd like to dive into the data yourself, you can sign up for a free BuiltWith account here or if you're signed up already, head to your dashboard and create a new report.

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