What technologies do the Unicorn Companies Use?

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As of January 2016 there's around 145 known "Unicorn" companies - these are companies that are private with a valuation in excess of US $1bn - you can see the full list of actual companies on Fortune and follow the funding on Crunchbase.

We thought it would be interesting to find out what technologies were popular on these $1bn+ privately valued companies.

Attribution: Valerie Everett Attribution: Valerie Everett

Where do Unicorns host their websites?

The short answer is Amazon - 50% of the sites in the list are in an Amazon Data Center, mostly in Virginia but some also in Oregon, California and Singapore.

Where Unicorns Host

What do Unicorns use for Analytics?

86% of the Unicorn sites have Google Analytics installed. New Relic, Optimizely and Marketo are also popular premium tools on the Unicorn website list -

Unicorn Analytics

Other Interesting Unicorn Technology Usage

  • 95% of Unicorn sites use JQuery - the most detected technology in the list

  • 90% have a Viewport Meta tag - meaning they are most likely responsive and will work across mobile and handheld devices

  • nginx is the most popular web server found on 66% of the websites

  • Google Apps for Business is the most popular email system found used on 62% of Unicorn websites.

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