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We've just added a whole new bulk of functionality to BuiltWith - we've been tracking website technologies for years. Many of these technologies give off a customer ID of some sort.

The most well known and most used is the Google Analytics ID, which is basically in the format UA-XXXXX-YY, where the XXXXX section is normally assigned to a single login and the YY is an incremental integer for the different web properties login XXXXX owns. Tracking the entire internet, we can link all of these together and use our huge historical archive to back-track data to 2010.

We track this, IP addresses and hundreds of other technology attributes and provide it all in a historically accessible manner and all totally for free.


Use cases for this include -

  • Finding security gaps  - are they on shared hosting - what websites are customer analytics data shared with

  • Finding a business' clients - web agencies might share analytics, IP address space with their customers

  • Finding side/failed/main projects - see what businesses a website tried before their current one

  • Find acquisitions of other businesses

Pro users can mass export domain relationships and technology tag data from BuiltWith Pro and anyone wanting to access this data in an automated manner can use the new Relationships API.

We'll be publishing some interesting relationship data on the blog soon so come back and check it out!


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