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LeadsEye LeadsEye is a new tool from BuiltWith to solve a problem we had -

One of the problems we came across when adding new technologies to BuiltWith, is the fact there's a lot of junk out there on the web. Adding technologies to BuiltWith to track is a bit like finding leads with BuiltWith itself; we get a list of websites that match the criteria, filter it down as best as possible we then have to go through that list to see if they are worth adding to the database.

What we found we were doing is using sites like urlopener.com to open hundreds of tabs from the lists of websites we had and then checking the homepage to see if they were actual businesses or not.

It's a slow time consuming process. What we needed was a way to visit hundreds and thousands of websites from lists we supply, get an interface to quickly eyeball the homepage of those websites and add them into buckets of either leads or junk and do that in the most time efficient method as possible.

So that's exactly what we built with LeadsEye! Checkout the screencast video.

Visit https://leadseye.builtwith.com to have a go with the tool today. It's free to try the sample and Basic/Pro/Enterprise customers get free credits on LeadsEye and can buy additional credits in the tool itself.

We hope you find it useful!


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