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BuiltWith tracks web technology penetration across the entire internet. Some of those technologies are owned and run by public companies, some public companies have parts of their systems in trackable web technologies, like Facebook, Google, Akamai - however their main business components are not as easily trackable.

However some public companies have their majority operations in web based trackable technology. These technology companies include Hubspot and Shopify for example.

Shopify is a great use case example, their technology detection usage graph has been increasing every week across all bands we track, Top 10k, 100k, 1m and Entire Internet. Their August 2017 earnings report announced a 75% YoY revenue growth which you could infer from their custom growth in the BuiltWith Trends charts.

There's obviously other factors that affect stock price but amount of customers is usually a good correlation to amount of sales for this type of business.

The top 1m site count is similar to their stock price -

Which companies can you track on BuiltWith that are linked to public companies? We wanted to find out for ourselves so we built the Publicly Traded Companies landing page on BuiltWith Trends -

We'll add more companies as we find them to this list.

Not Investment Advice: The information on the website contains general information about web technology usage of publicly traded companies. References to specific securities throughout this website are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as recommendations for purchase or sale.

BuiltWith® is a website profiler tool that tells you what a website is Built With.

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