Stand Out Technologies October 2017

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When we update the Entire Internet trends we try and find some interesting technologies companies that are showing promise.

You can do this analysis yourself using our Investor Center tool - that allows you to browse technology total changes for technologies across any period of time across any group of sites we track, top 10k, 100k, 1m and Entire Internet.

So here's our run down of three interesting technologies that are gaining market share -


An abandonment cart tool that works with WooCommerce/Shopify/BigCommerce has shown strong growth, it helps that it can piggyback on the success of all three of those eCommerce platforms (especially Shopify) recently. It doubled the amount of sites we found it on in the past 4 months alone.

View Recart Usage Statistics

Google Optimize 360

Google have been in and out of the testing game a few times in the past 10 years - this version appears to be working and has shown good growth, their top site growth appears to have plateaued slightly but the Entire Internet detection grew 1.6x since June.

View Google Optimize 360 Statistics


This transaction email provider had the biggest market share growth in this technology group in the past 4 months - x1.57 more sites. Transactional email providers had a very good period in general with growth across all of the major platforms as people figure out sending automated emails themselves is hard.

View SMTP2GO Statistics

You can browser most of these (for free) at the BuiltWith Investor Center.


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