Dogfooding LeadsEye

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Dogfooding LeadsEye We added 450 new technologies this weekend, dog fooding our own tool to do it! Here's how we did it -

  1. Created a list of websites that were making outbound calls from websites that we didn't already have tracked - this is a process we do internally to do new research

  2. Uploaded that list into LeadsEye

    1. That allow us to see pictures of the homepage of the sites as well how much those websites were spending

  3. We then manually checked the images and determined which ones were leads and which ones were junk - it's a process that is very quick, you can very quickly see which sites are worth adding

  4. We then went through all of the leads and added them into BuiltWith

We started with a list of around 8000 websites and got it down to 650 actual leads using LeadsEye and from that create around 450 new technologies, updated existing tracking for the rest of determined they were actually junk.

We could of used BuiltWith and its list upload capabilities to initially filter the list as well to make our starting point even smaller and more prioritised.

BuiltWith® is a website profiler tool that tells you what a website is Built With.

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