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This post is over 6 years old - it might be slightly outdated and consigned to the history books.

BuiltWith in current form is now over 5 years old. That's an eternity on the Internet. After 5 years of doing support tickets for the current BuiltWith platform we know exactly what needs improving, what bits never get used and what bits are really important to people.

Rebuilding functionality removes a lot of the complexity from a coding point of view but also from the perspective of the customer who uses the site every day.

With that in mind we're re-building the entire system - it's an evolution not a revolution. In fact the current Pro platform will still be functional for existing customers for as long as they need it to be. Things like API will remain 100% compatible. The new site needs to be finished, go through user testing but here's a sneak peek where we are at so far.

Technologies Tab of reports becomes more functional.

Trends data will use static top sites to remove bumps in weekly totals.

Back to work on getting this finished!

BuiltWith® is a website profiler tool that tells you what a website is Built With.

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