GDPR Compliance

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GDPR Compliance As of May 1st 2018 BuiltWith is GDPR Compliant. We no longer provide or store personal details of citizens in the EU and no longer accept or store any personal identifiable information that is not your own that you might provide to us. We also do not have any third party relationships with data providers that cannot and have not enforced GDPR compliance.

We are also providing global compliance for personal information, allowing you to stay compliant as privacy laws change across the globe.

We have also updated our existing website as a data controller to ensure people creating accounts at BuiltWith understand and give affirmative clear actions when providing consent for us to store their personal information.

Checkout our new Privacy Policy, which outlines what data we collect and how we secure that data and what data processors we share personal data with.

Learn more about the GDPR Regulation.

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