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I love this data, it's probably one of my favourite golden nuggets that has come out of tracking web technologies. Some of the technologies we track are for publicly listed companies. However there's two categories of companies in this group that we track, web focused and more general. More general are companies like Adobe, where we can track the use of many of their technologies like Adobe TagManager, Scene7 and Adobe Target but we can't track the usage of Adobe Photoshop, so we're not really getting a total picture of their usage.

The other group is what we call Web Focused, there companies primarily run their businesses on the Internet, an example of this type of company is HubSpot, a marketing automation company that in general requires code that we can detect on a website to determine if a website is a customer or not.

My favourite example though is AfterPay, a buy now pay later system here in Australia. They do have an offline presence in physical stores but most of those physical stores have an eCommerce site. Their growth in the top sites (which are predominately not Australian) is really good -

Their stock price for almost the same period is very similar to their technology tracking growth -

Obviously there's other market factors that contribute to the share price but the BuiltWith Web Focused publicly traded technology tracking information might be useful to you.

You can also create full lists on any of the plans that will allow you to see historically what sites have used one of these technologies and keep you up to date with new sites that add them.

View all of our publicly tracked technologies here - https://trends.builtwith.com/public-companies

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