BuiltWith Pro Best Practices

We often get asked about 'best practices' for using BuiltWith. So here we go.

First off take a look at the 'Eating our Own Dog Food' post, this is how we used BuiltWith to get in contact with people that we thought would be good leads for our Hubspot integration.

This guide takes a real world example of a application I found on the front page of producthunt.com today.

getleadforms.com is our example application we're going to use for this real world example

Leadforms have already categorized a lot of the industries they want to target, one of them is Chiropractors -

So from that we've got a very well defined starting point for GetLeadForms to use BuiltWith Pro; they want Chiropractors that are looking to get more leads.

So lets get started -

Type 'chiropractor' into the search box on BuiltWith and click 'Lookup'

There's at least 5 technologies that are related to Chiropractor (searching for Chiropractic found others) - Perfect Patients, NYK Services, ChiroMatrix and ChiroPlanet. These could be our starting point as they are super related technologies.

The additional option here is the 14000+ sites that mention "chiropractor" on the homepage as shown on the right hand side of the search above. Lets use that as the starting point -

Awesome, 14,776 leads - lets get all of their email addresses and cold blast them! (Don't do this).

14,000 leads is way too many to manually go through and if you look at the first few 'groupon.com' isn't really a fit (they probably had a Chiropractic coupon code the week we indexed the site), so we need to break it down into a smaller more manageable list.

GetLeadForms.com are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so lets create a local lead list -

By going after local leads we've brought the list down to a more manageable size

263 sites have the word Chiropractor on them and have an address on the contact us page in Pennsylvania so we've narrowed our list down to something much more useful.

You could now use LeadsEye to filter that list down even more, creating this variation as a full report (yellow button shown above) then exporting that into the LeadsEye tool lets us smash through those websites and determine what sites in this list are real leads and which ones are not really leads at all by looking at a quick snapshot of the homepage image -

Hit the blue button to mark this as a Lead or the red button if it you think it doesn't fit.

From our list of 263 Chiropractic related sites, 168 of them actually fit the profile of Chiropractor business in Pennsylvania.

We could go further with the BuiltWith Pro tool - upload that list of 168 back into the tool-

This would shorten our list even more, providing us with a high value related lead list for direct cold outreach.

Rinse and repeat this process for other variations.


BuiltWith® is a website profiler tool that tells you what a website is Built With.

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