Future Customers

We've added future customers to BuiltWith Pro! This is a bit like when the precogs in Minority Report reports a future crime. Except we don't have 3 people floating in water in the basement to tell us this (this is a movie reference that you will not understand unless you have seen the Tom Cruise movie or read the books).

Note July 2023: There's now a Recommendations API Endpoint to get this programmatically if you like.

It works by looking at every website on the internet that has a reasonable amount of technology spend. We then compare all of the sites in the list, if a website has 10 premium technologies and another website has 8 premium technologies that all match, those 2 additional technologies are 'recommended' to the site missing those two technologies.

The process is quite simple and very effective in finding new leads. For example the Magento Enterprise Future Customer List is made up of mostly sites using Magento. Technology that mostly have customers in a specific country tend to have recommendations for websites in that country only. This is all done without telling the precogs about these relationships it just knows them from the comparison method we've built.

Does it use Artificial Intelligence?
No, it uses a patent pending weighted matrix that we built ourselves but it doesn't use Matrix Factorization algorithms - we tried them but the data was not as good as our own method.

How to get started with Future Customers
View BuiltWith Trends and for the majority of premium technologies future customers will be available in the sidebar. You can also start with Future Customers in BuiltWith Pro when creating a new report.

If you want to do your own analysis you can build your own models by downloading our datasets.


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