China, India and Japan

We just added physical address tracking for China, Japan and India down to state level joining, Mexico, Italy, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Australia and the USA.

Want to know who is using Magento in Okayama? Who’s doing A/B Testing in Guangdong? Or maybe who’s got a website with the phrase “Haute Couture” on the homepage in Madhya Pradesh?


A total of 2.7 billion people live in China, Japan and India combined, almost 40% of the world’s population, so it’s about time we added address tracking for these regions.

Learn how to filter by business location on the knowledge base.

Dedicated Server Detection

One good indicator of size of a business is if the website owner is serious about hosting their website. Page load speed is an important metric that now plays a part in search engine optimization and hence not sharing a server with 100 other websites is an indicator that the website owner is serious about their business.

Attribution: Robert

Attribution: Robert

To that end we’ve added a “Dedicated Hosting” technology which will tell you if a website is currently the only unique domain running on that IP.

You can filter sites in your list now by sites that are actively running on a dedicated server (or at least a dedicated IP).

Extension for Chrome Power Users

We’ve added a new feature to the BuiltWith Extension for Chrome. Version 2.4 allows you to hide the links and descriptions next to technologies, thus giving you a quicker and easier method to scan the technology lookup –


To customize to this view scroll down to the bottom of any profile using the widget and click the ‘Hide’ link in the new preferences section –



The Advanced Version of the widget gives you meta data, historical information and quick view of the premium technologies across an entire website for just $144 a year.

Data Points Updated

We try and add as many details as possible to results to make it easier to reach out to potential customers. To that end we’ve just added millions of new pieces of information to 19 million records in the BuiltWith Pro Database.

A sample screenshot below shows some of the long tail gaps filled by this new update –

New Data

Regenerate your existing reports to see this new information in the XLS and CSV export reports. This new update will also increase physical location report filtering coverage for reports.