New BuiltWith T-Shirts (Again)

We’ve gone back to basics with our t-shirt! Our black t-shirt with the globe on looked really cool, but the globe image print was too much for a t-shirt after looking at it and wearing it a few times.

This time we’ve gone back to basics with a huge BuiltWith logo digitally printed onto the t-shirt. It looks really cool and is a great running t-shirt!


T-Shirt orders have been stalled slightly but once we confirm all existing customers addresses these new men and womens designs will be shipping shortly!

APIv11 Released with IsPremium Flag

BuiltWith APIv11 is now available at

This version of the API add a new IsPremium field next to technologies to see if we categorize the technology as a paid-for offering – with the exception of web hosting.


For example a tool like┬áVisual Website Optimizer is categorized as ‘yes’ under IsPremium as it’s a premium software product where as a tool like Survey Monkey would be categorized as ‘maybe’ as it has free offerings and something like jQuery would be ‘no’ as it’s an open source free tool.