Memory Indexing

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We added a new method of detecting what technologies websites are using by looking at loaded websites memory signature. It compliments our full index retrieval system to show what functions and variables are in memory when a web site has loaded.

In Memory Indexing

The biggest advantage this provides us is the ability to track technologies that are loaded from compressed javascript and/or 3rd party loaded javascript.

Take as an example, as of writing this we compress most of the JavaScript for the site into a single file called bw.min.js - hiding most of the attributes we'd use to be able to track technologies. Using this new technique we are able to find technologies that are loaded once the webpage has fully loaded. On our site alone it increases technology tracking coverage by 25%.

We've been doing in-memory indexing since September 2013 and tracking will be back-dated as we roll out this new tracking technique starting from today.

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