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This in the next post in our Technology Growth Awards series where we look a little more closely at some of the fastest growing technologies on the web today. Using BuiltWith data, we've highlighted some of the technologies who have seen a significant and continuous increase in users over the last twelve months. In the last post, we featured WooCommerce. Today, it's time to take a closer look at SendGrid.

Sendgrid Usage

SendGrid is one of the worlds leading transactional email providers (for a bit of background on the email marketing scene you might want to read this post on premium mail providers). Founded in 2009 by three engineers who were frustrated with the email service providers out there, SendGrid was launched to improve email deliverability. The app has become incredibly popular and SendGrid now sends billions of emails every month. In total, SendGrid has sent out over 200 Billion emails.

SendGrid boasts some high profile users. According to their homepage, SendGrid is used by big names such as Spotify, Pinterest and Foursquare. The BuiltWith B2B Lead Data reveals that plenty of other high profile websites also use SendGrid to handle (at least some of) their email. The image below is a screenshot of a Builtwith report showing the likes of eBay and GoDaddy amongst the list of SendGrid users, but there are plenty of other big names in the list.

BuiltWith SendGrid Screenshot

SendGrid's growth over the year hasn't been as fast as some of the technologies that we've featured as part of the Technology Growth Awards series, but it has certainly been consistent. There's been an increase in users of more than 30% over the last year.


Growth of Sendgrid customers in the top 100k sites by traffic since August 2012. Growth of Sendgrid customers in the top 100k sites by traffic since August 2012.

The technology is especially popular with some of the larger websites and SendGrid handles the transactional email for a big chunk of the top 10K websites. SendGrid's market share drops when we look at all of the websites out there, although it still maintains a good portion of the overall market. This perhaps suggests that SendGrid is seen to be a more stable and established technology than some of it's competitors (such as Mandrill, which is also seeing some strong growth).

SendGrid Transactional Email Share Top 10k Sites vs. Entire Internet SendGrid Transactional Email Share Top 10k Sites vs. Entire Internet

It looks to have been a very good year for SendGrid and the trends suggest that the transactional email is a growing market. SendGrid are positioned very well with some high profile users and look set to have another year of steady but significant growth.

All of the data used in this post and the infographic above has been provided by BuiltWith. You'll find more data on SendGrid here. Find out more about BuiltWith Pro, the data we have available and how you could use it to benefit your business.

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