Entire Internet Technology Insights - Jan 2015

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This Entire Internet update is based on 306 million resolvable domains on the Internet, this includes 100% .com/.net/.org coverage. We did a similar entire internet insights for Jan-June 2014 so this will include some updates on that, this year we're going to base it on categories to show the winners and losers in each.

Top CMS Growth

CMS Increases on Entire Internet CMS Increases on Entire Internet

WordPress is the number 1 CMS system currently in use, it increased its usage on more than 2 million domains since June 2014. Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and various other hosted web solutions increased their market share in the hundreds of thousands as well. Two of the biggest losers are Yahoo Site Builder and Website Tonight.

Top Analytics Growth

Entire Internet Analytics Increase Entire Internet Analytics Increase

Google Analytics dropped by a few million domains in our Jan-June 2014 update, it's back up again this year with an increase of +2 million sites. A/B Testing company Optimizely increased by a huge amount, this may be single site owners placing their snippet on their entire network (this information can be found in BuiltWith Pro). Facebook Domain Insights increased their numbers by more than 300,000 and Chinese hit counter 51.la added half a million new domains to their network.

Less domains are using premium tools across less premium tool providers. Less domains are using premium tools across less premium tool providers.

More premium technologies are losing market share within the analytics category than gaining, meaning there might be some consolidation as to what premium technologies are in use across all premium technologies tagged in analytics. More domains lost premium domains than gained, a deficit of around 154,000 domains removed premium analytics technologies altogether.

Top JavaScript Growth

JavaScript Usage Increase Across Entire Internet JavaScript Usage Increase Across Entire Internet

jQuery increased its market share to 50 million domains, adding an additional 2.7 million with no end in sight for its incredible growth. Modernizr and HTML5Shiv from Paul Irish's team added over a million new domains between them. Internet Explorer has seen a resurgence as of late, with 814k domains adding the ability to pin the website to the Windows Start Bar. The biggest losers include MooTools which hasn't seen a new version since August 2014 and SWFObject, the ability to add Flash content to a website (which is not supported on Apple devices).

eCommerce Growth

Shop Growth

WooCommerce was the real only standout eCommerce platform to show growth in the hundreds of thousands, almost making up for 50% of all of the new eCommerce platforms we found on the web. 103 eCommerce technologies increased customers whilst 121 of them lost customers.

Top 5 Premium Tools Control nearly 3/4 of space. Top 5 Premium Tools Control nearly three quarters of the premium eCommerce space.

The top 5 eCommerce technologies, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion make up 73% of the premium technology eCommerce landscape with 152 other premium providers sharing the remaining 27%.

Font Growth

Old libraries like sIFR and cufon are losing market share whilst new implementation tools like the Google Font API and Font Awesome have added almost 6 million new domains between them.

Mobile Growth

Viewport Meta Increase in 6 months. Viewport Meta Increase in 6 months.

Every single mobile categorized technology increased in usage, with the viewport meta tag adding 4.5 million domains, this is up from the last 6 month increase of 3.7 million domains, showing an increase in sites that are mobile compatible as the proliferation of smart phones continues.

Document Format Growth

Document Standard Growth Document Standard Growth

HTML5 sites increased by 10 million domains and was the largest technology increase we have recorded in the last 6 months. 1 million more domains are also using Twitter Bootstrap and just under 2 million have implemented Open Graph Protocol. 2.5 million less domains are using the Frameset tag and 1 million less sites are using the Meta Robot tag. 35k sites also removed the blink tag thankfully!

ZX Spectrum Resurgence

Attribution: Flickr Attribution: Flickr

My first computer was a ZX Spectrum, it's almost as old as me, it has a 3.5MHz processor with 16KB of memory. There's a ZX Spectrum HTTPD meta tag (that is most likely a funny) that is returned by some websites. Last year we found 9 sites from just under 300 million domains, this year that number is around 64k!

Technology Consolidation

At our last update we noticed that more premium technologies were losing domains, whilst less premium technologies were gaining more domains.

This year 588 (54%) premium technologies lost customers whilst 510 (46%) gained. The 46% that gained added 2,075,729 domains and the 54% that are losing customers lost 727,509 domains in total. This shows a continuing technology consolidation trend from the beginning of last year, with a slight slow down in the amount of losing technologies but a large increase in the amount of domains gained by the winning technologies.


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