BuiltWith Top 1m

BuiltWith Top 1m

TL;DR - Follow this link to the ZIP - https://builtwith.com/top-1m

When we got started with BuiltWith in 2007 we relied heavily on the Quantcast Top 1m file that Quantcast used to provide in those days. Alexa also provided a Top 1m file but it contained URLs like YouTube channels so we always preferred the Quantcast list for that reason.

Some of those providers disappeared and new Top 1m providers started to appear like Majestic and Umbrella so we were joining all of these lists together until someone else started their own version of this called Tranco which is what we use today for traffic ranking. Tranco have now hit a bit of a road block because some of their sources (Alexa and Quantcast) are now defunct from a top 1m list perspective.

Creating our own Top 1m List

We wanted to create out own Top 1m list that didn't rely on any of the properties of the other Top 1m lists. Our methodology is based 100% on evidence based technology and domain spend. For example a site that uses Shopify Plus and Hubspot would be higher up than a site that is using jQuery and Google Analytics (free version). We also have technology spend attached to non-technologies such as if a website has a redirect from the .IE TLD or if they have 10 or more registered TLDs.

We also added a time based element to the list ordering, using a technology for less than a specific period of time means it isn't counted. This is to prevent fake sites appearing in the list.

How to get the Top 1m Zip

Follow this link - https://builtwith.com/top-1m to get the ZIP. The top 1m updates monthly around the 20th of the month.

How different is it to Traffic Rank Top 1m

Comparing the lastest Tranco Top 1m with our Top 1m there is a 13% overlap which means the list is quite unique and may be an interesting additional to any research. All of the Top 1m we provide are root domains.

Our list is more focused on businesses that implement other businesses technology, you can clearly see this by comparing the top 5 sites, the Tranco list includes companies that do not implement "normal" company technologies -

BuiltWith Top 1m - Top 5 SitesTranco Top 1m - Top 5 Sites

How can I browse the top sites without downloading a Zip?

You can see top sites and top eCommerce sites for countries around the globe at https://builtwith.com/top-sites


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